New Riders of the Purple Sage
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River may/ river may / river may roll
The road / the road / the road may call
Sunset reaches of the peaks may rise
Shining like the gates of paradise

Line down the middle of the road so white
Daylight crashes into night
Sometimes yellow, sometime red
Where roads of homeless strangers led

My destination is freedom itself
If I find it I’ll share the wealth
Roll down the window, arm on the sill
First coyote calls from the hill


Been on the road 10,000 days
Line down the middle of blue highways
Last thing I see as light doth fade
Skull and crossbones on my grave

Can’t drive that image from my head
The radio plays tunes of dread
Line in the middle rolls straight to dawn
That’s the faith of the road I’m on

Last night’s a thousand years ago
Dawn pours diamonds in the road
Sunlight splashing on the hill
As if to say it always will

Only thing I want deep down
Cup of coffee and a quarter round
The quarter round is as-may-be
But the cup of coffee, definitely


Appears on Where I Come From