New Riders of the Purple Sage
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Rockin’ with Nona under the do-right tree
Rockin’ with Nona only Nona alone and me
If anybody happen to see
What d’you think they see?
Nothin’ but clouds, one mountain, and deep blue sea

Nona add soda drink ‘til the well run dry
Cherry Ombrideau maybe but what care I?
“Impossible” you say
Have it your own way
I’m rockin’ with Nona that’s all I’m got to say

Despite how many many many tears you cry
Watchin’ your horseback shadow as you ride on by
Whatever you believe
Lock up when you leave
Nona and me gone rockin’ like New Year’s Eve

As Country Joe and the Fish himself explain
Gotta have sense to come in outa the rain
Believe in spades or maybe not
Still gotta sleep on the bed you bought
Sick at heart, make mine, cause I’d feign lie down

Like Dylan himself said “how does it feel?”
I don’t know maybe just a bit unreal
I’m goin’ home where the wind don’t bark
Sneak up on Nona when the light gets dark
Leave a message at the tone but I won’t call back

It’s time to go now better be on your way
Even though we all got eyes to stay
Time and tide wait for no man
No woman either I understand
Nona and me out rockin’ in the Promised land

Appears on Where I Come From